The Danish Centre for Conflict Resolution is a non-profit and non-governmental organization founded in 1994 on the initiative of Ms. Else Hammerich, a former member of the European Parliament.
The centre has since then been a forum for courses, educations, counseling and projects on and about conflict resolution and mediation. 
We provide courses, offer counseling and provide tailor-made solutions for companies, institutions and private individuals.
The expressed purpose of the centre is to spread knowledge of peaceful conflict resolution nationally as well as internationally and to ensure that individuals and organizations are qualified to deal with conflicts in a sensible manner.

Currently the centre has approximately 200 members who support the work done by the centre in different ways.  There are 17 trainers/consultants who teach and actively work with conflict resolution on assignments for the centre.
In addition to these paid trainers/consultants there is a network of varying size of volunteer conflict advisors. 
These are all supported by a small administrative office.

The aims of the Danish Centre for Conflict Resolution are:

  • To promote knowledge of and actively work for peaceful conflict resolution nationally and internationally
  • To provide education in conflict resolution for individuals and organizations
  • To assist organizations and groups in solving collaborative difficulties
  • To develop and disseminate theories on and methods of conflict resolution

Please feel free to download our booklet "Conflict Resolution - working with conflicts" at the bottom of this page.



Phone: +45 35 20 05 50

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