How we work

The Danish Centre for Conflict Resolution offers different types of educational courses. All our courses focuses on the art of conflict resolution and mediation. The main purpose of all these educational activities is to assist the participants in understanding the nature of conflicts and to provide them with methods, skills and tools for understanding, analysing and working with these conflicts in ways that enable a peaceful resolution of conflicts.

At a first glance the principles of conflict resolution seem fairly simple. The difficulties seem to arise when we attempt to put them into practice. Our courses are based on a very high degree of active participation. The emphasis is on the participants practicing these methods and tools and developing skills that prove useful in conflict resolution and mediation. We also insist on providing ample time and space for reflection at our courses.

The courses are primarily based on the resources of the participants. Our trainers/consultants put forward proposals and suggestions that assist the participants in structuring their thoughts and expe-riences as well as guide and facilitate the process of learning to implement the principles of conflict resolution.

When we design courses for companies, institutions or others, they are targeted training courses. The courses are built upon:

Research and design
In co-operation with the group, we uncover the wishes and requirements, in order to make sure that the form and contents of the course correspond to the aims of the group or workplace. The course is targeted to fit the group.

Focus on the participants
In the courses we present special theories, concepts and tools, which belong to the area of conflict resolution. We adapt the subject matter to the group and its process. During each phase of the course, we consult the participants about their wishes and requirements.

Future oriented
All courses are evaluated, and the participants plan how they will utilise the new tools in the future. We offer to do a follow-up after a some time, to ensure that the participants receive guidance and training in relation to their new experiences.